Our Lady of Zahlé and Bekaa

Located on a hilltop to the Southwest of Zahlé, this is a 54 m (177 ft) high concrete tower, entirely clad in white marble, and topped with a 10 m (33 ft) high bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, the work of an Italian artist. It is by far Zahlé's most prominent structure, it is visible from most of the city and from several miles around in the central Bekaa Valley. At its base is a chapel that can seat a little over a hundred people. The top of the tower features sweeping views over Zahlé and the Bekaa valley.


The world-famous Roman archaeological complex of Baalbeck (another World Heritage Site) is located 36 km to the Northwest.

Menshieh Park

Situated across the street from Grand Hotel Kadri, Memshieh is Zahlé's oldest and shadiest park. The park houses a collection of marble tables with mosaic depictions of several sites in Lebanon, a small pond with waterlilies, a semi-circular marble tholos, and several sculptures representing famous locals.

Zahle's Berdawni Promenade

The banks of the Berdawni River have long been a place where people of Zahlé and other parts of Lebanon come to socialize. Sheltered between the ravine's limestone cliffs, it is lined up with large outdoor restaurants, cafes and playrooms, and shaded by trees. These restaurants specialize in traditional Lebanese meze served with arak.

Bekaa Wineries

Discover generations of winemakers and taste Bekaa's red, rosé and white wines, while learning about each step of winemaking.
You can visit different wineries that together will give you an accurate idea of wine production in the Beqaa Valley.
In between the tours and tastings, you can enjoy a lunch with Lebanese mezze at Grand Kadri Hotel.

Qab Elias

In Qabb Ilyas (12 km to the Southwest): rock sculptures of three deities that seem to be of Roman origin


In Anjar (18 km (11 mi) to the South): the unique ruins of an Umayyad palace built following a Roman layout, using recycled Hellenistic and Roman material. The palace is classified as a World Heritage Site. A Roman temple also stands on a hilltop above nearby Majdel Anjar.


In Niha (11 km to the Northwest): two exquisite Roman temples bearing Phoenician architectural elements (just outside the village), and two others in need of restoration (higher up, in the area referred to as ``the Fortress``).